The North Face ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers sets her own record, becoming the first person to ski the apex of every continent – The Seven Summits. Her feat includes an on-foot ascent ad on-ski descent of Everest.
北面运动员Kit DesLauriers穿着喜马拉雅套装,成为第一个从七大洲最高峰滑下雪山的人。


Steep Tech skiwear designed and inspired by Scott Schmidt with The North Face design team, takes the slopes by storm.
Steep Tech系列滑雪服上市,帮助滑雪者向极限发起挑战


Introduction of Rage, the first clothing line by The North Face dedicated to snowboarding. Garment names include Shredder Suit and Air Rasta Pullover.


Snowbird Everest Expedition: Sally McCoy, Director of Equipment at The North Face, is on the climbing team, and the expedition inspires the Expedition System Line. Perennial outerwear classics like the Nuptse, Lhotse, Khumbu and Sagamartha jackets, all named after peaks and glaciers in the area, arise from this era.
北面鼎力支持Snowbird 探险队深入珠穆朗玛峰探险。 北面经典的外套Nuptse,Lhotse,Khumbu and Sagamartha 都是源于这个时代。


Karakoram Ski Traverse, Pakistan: Galen Rowell, Kim Schmitz, Ned Gilette and Dan Astay complete a grueling first: a 300—mile winter ski traverse of the Karakoram.
Galen Rowell, Kim Schmitz, Ned Gilette and Dan Astay 完成了300 英里的冬季滑雪横穿喀拉昆仑山脉。


Brooks Range Ski Traverse, Alaska: In the era before the Alaska Pipeline, Ned Gilette and team make a 30-day,300-mile traverse of the Koyukuk and llkillik Rivers.
30天,300英里,Ned Gilettel 领队滑雪横穿布鲁克斯山脉


Doug Tompkins founds The North Face as a small ski and backpacking retail and mail order operation in San Francisco’s North Beach area, at 308 Columbus Ave. The Grateful Dead plays at the store opening.
Doug Tompkins 为了给户外探索者提供更高品质的装备,在旧金山的北滩开设了第一间北面店铺。著名摇滚乐队Grateful Dead在开业当天激情演出。